Our Apparel

Our Apparel

Shop for Stylish Urban Wear & Native American Clothing at Unitary Apparel

We Carry Native Designed Clothing

If you're looking for unique streetwear that makes a statement, check out Unitary Apparel clothing, based out of the Pacific Northwest. Our clothing company uses Native iconography in juxtaposition with images of American pop culture to create striking and conversation-prompting urban apparel.

None of our clothes are mass-produced. Everything we have on our website is custom-made and unique. Browse our collection for one-of-a-kind statement pieces and streetwear today.

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Find hoodies and T-Shirts with unique designs

If you're looking for bad ass clothing or you just want to find streetwear that'll turn heads, Unitary has you covered. Spruce up your wardrobe by looking through our collection of:

At Unitary Apparel, we take pride in selling high-quality garments. All of our urban apparel is made from soft and durable material.

Want more information about our apparel? Reach out to us today by calling 509-429-8531.

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